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  NGnius (Graham) 2c24d9caf5 Correct map pin fix bugfix attribute 1 year ago
  NGnius (Graham) b277611860 Update info about changes required for new fixes 1 year ago
  NGnius (Graham) 175a569ea4 Fix some more float parsing bugs 1 year ago
  NGnius (Graham) 29ac927b95 Update installation process 1 year ago
  NGnius (Graham) e501371f38 Improve info about new changes 1 year ago
  NGnius (Graham) d2dff09bc3 Add extreme fix for float<->string conversion inconsistencies, because MS designed it poorly and FJ devs didn't know that 1 year ago
  NGnius (Graham) 34df2bcf39 Fix inconsistent float<->string conversion causing map pins to break 1 year ago
  NGnius (Graham) 690c796d38 Fix spawnpoint saving for floats containing , 1 year ago
  NGnius (Graham) 89089c9397 Minor improvements to chat commands 1 year ago
  NGnius (Graham) f82eac3ffc Add chat commands for regular users 1 year ago
  NGnius (Graham) b8a8a535f1 Implement server-side chat and chat command framework 1 year ago
  NGnius (Graham) 476d6382da Add client-side terrain replacement when terrain add is rejected 1 year ago
  NGnius (Graham) 7c76c27126 Add optional ability to stop terrain modification in exclusion zones (for players not allowed to place structures in zone) 1 year ago
  NGnius (Graham) 34a4c2844f Implement CLre-only support (disabled by default) 1 year ago
  NGnius (Graham) 6db837b11a Implement networking API functionality 1 year ago
  NGnius (Graham) 8b470aa690 Final touches for v0.0.2 1 year ago
  NGnius (Graham) 11d650890f Add fix for glitching thru underside of player structures 1 year ago
  NGnius (Graham) 9b00055a02 Add potential fix for Unity setting the screen resolution too small 1 year ago
  NGnius (Graham) 037a653eca Add startup message 1 year ago
  NGnius (Graham) 7c304c8bdc Add some mod docs info 1 year ago
  NGnius (Graham) 14a5fc8a54 Create CLre_server mod and port CLre basic functionality 1 year ago
  NGnius (Graham) 5dd67a88f4 Improve NetClientListener debugging 1 year ago
  NGnius (Graham) 00589d1c28 Fix cooldown ticker ending at the wrong time 1 year ago
  NGnius (Graham) 84dec875b9 Add network debugging tools 1 year ago
  NGnius 9506d3af76 Make scroll speed bugfix id unique after merge 1 year ago
  NGnius 0a33d2406f Merge pull request 'Added replacement method for Game.UI.InventoryPanelScrollEngine:ScrollPanelByMouseWheel to improve scroll wheel speed.' (#1) from Zhang/CLre:master into master 1 year ago
  GrahamM 42418c2d6f Added replacement method for Game.UI.InventoryPanelScrollEngine:ScrollPanelByMouseWheel to improve scroll wheel speed. 1 year ago
  NGnius (Graham) 8919fbcfe4 Remove placeholders in license 1 year ago
  NGnius (Graham) af37d4ab42 Add fix for cooldown only applying to current held item 1 year ago
  NGnius (Graham) ed99fa26f2 Add fix for durability errors while connecting to server 1 year ago
  NGnius (Graham) 425afa1c60 Update README info and links 1 year ago
  NGnius (Graham) 2cf5e80412 Add fix for restricted resource placement circumvention 1 year ago
  NGnius (Graham) 4a51207dc6 Add account superuser and game framework events 1 year ago
  NGnius (Graham) 42029cf0fd Add bugfix attributes and info 1 year ago
  NGnius (Graham) e4a1c0c607 Fix out of date access modifiers 1 year ago
  NGnius (Graham) 384f1b3092 Test and fix enchantment table float parsing bugfix 1 year ago
  NGnius (Graham) 65ebc1b1fa Create enchantment fix (untested) 1 year ago
  NGnius (Graham) 05e196b4c1 Create minimal API endpoints from explored/understood code 1 year ago
  NGnius (Graham) 0f5555ab4c Add important mod info 2 years ago
  NGnius (Graham) 883c1c026a Update README with CL specifics 2 years ago
  NGnius (Graham) 25099aa1f4 Configure for CL build 2 years ago
  NGnius e2e7d169cc Initial commit 2 years ago