A fork of Eusth's IPA
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Illusion Plugin Architecture (Reloaded) - let's you inject code into Unity projects.

How To Install

  1. Download a release (https://github.com/Eusth/IPA/releases)
  2. Extract the contents into the game folder
  3. Drag & drop the game exe onto IPA.exe
  4. Start the game as usual (the generated shortcut is optional)

Optional: To verify it worked, start the game with the --verbose flag. If a new console window opens with debug info, then you're good.

How To Uninstall

  1. Drag & drop the game exe onto IPA.exe while holding Alt
  2. Done

How To Develop

  1. Create a new Class Library C# project (.NET 2.0 to 3.5 (for LINQ))
  2. Download a release and add IllusionPlugin.dll to your references
  3. Implement IPlugin or IEnhancedPlugin
  4. Build the project and copy the DLL into the Plugins folder of the game

How To Keep The Game Patched

When patching, IPA automatically creates a shortcut that keeps everything up-to-date. This simply makes sure that your DLLs remain patched even after an update.


IPA.exe file-to-patch [arguments]

  • --launch: Launch the game after patching
  • --revert: Revert changes made by IPA (= unpatch the game)
  • --nowait: Never keep the console open

Unconsumed arguments will be passed on to the game in case of --launch.